Life Coaching is about facilitating positive change in the direction of reachable and measurable specific goals.

We will work together as a team. You will set the agenda, define the goals and timelines. I’ll guide the process to helping you connect with your feelings and thoughts in order to identify the roadblocks you need to overcome to get where you want to be.  Then, we will work on taking actions.

My work is influenced by the humanistic approach, and is focused on empowering the client. I strongly believe the answers we all need are inside of us.


When I had my first session with David, he could tell immediately how desperate and frustrated I was with the job hunting process. Instead of jumping to solutions and getting technical, David took sometime to let me express my feeling so I can let go of all the anger inside of me. At the time, it did not make much sense to me to talk about my feelings when it comes to job hunting however, David actually managed to figure out what my problems were from that chat. When David started pointing out issues I thought to myself: “this is so obvious, how come I never saw things from that angle?” I’m guessing it’s normal being completely sinked in the process that you actually miss the things right under your nose. Talking with David did not only note out and cover my short points but also made me more enthusiastic about job hunting again. It’s just that sometimes, you need someone to take your hand and pull you out for a second so you can see the big picture.


Marketing Executive, -From Syria, lives in Netherlands

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If I have to tell something about my coaching experience is that it helped me to find my own answers and my own ways to solve my problems. The tips and the challenge you gave me every session helped me to control many things in my mood and my attitude in different situations, especially with my daughter and my past. You remembered me that I am not perfect and I had to accept and loved me as I am.


International Business Manager, - From Peru, lives in Peru

Coach David has unusual skills that he brings to the coaching session. He is compassionate, sensitive and a true humanist. Through his insighful questions i gained deep understanding and strength to develop towards my goals.


Physician, - From Sweden, lives in New York City