Sometimes it’s better to break down in tears and show your emotions than to keep it all inside and not tell a single soul.

~ Unknown

Do you remember the last time that you truly felt your emotions?

We live running around in a world saturated with stimuli. It’s easy to pay attention to what our senses pick up. It is difficult to stop doing so. It is comfortable to find “things to do” to be distracted (TV, Facebook, talking on the phone, etc.). It is uncomfortable to stop running and take a break to observe and be present. We want to go for a coffee with friends and listen to them. We do not want to be with ourselves.

There is a strong tendency to suppress emotions, to minimize how much we know about our feelings. We believe that we control the situation. We feel that we are safer by keeping it inside. There is fear to open up. It scares us. The more we accumulate the more difficult to start sharing. We become numb and begin to feel less, be less connected, less alive.

This makes me think of a bag with holes that has water inside. We continue filling the bag with water (we keep living) and when the water spills out, we try to plug the gaps. But if the bag keeps filling with water and the holes are closed, the bag may explode. The solution is not patching the holes, but to know how to open the bag and let the water run in an organized manner without making a mess on the floor.

For many years I lived disconnected and ignorant of my emotions; I can tell you that it’s a hard and sad way of living. It appears to be safe but it’s lonely.

When you are connected with your emotions you let yourself to name and express them. It’s liberating. It is also the way to generate connection. When you know who you are, you can present yourself to the world with a different attitude. People sense that. You’ll attract the right people into your life. Connecting deeply makes life more meaningful. Through this connection you will feel bonded, more aligned with life and be happier. More importantly, love comes with connection.

It is important to have adequate space for you to feel comfortable and free to express yourself. To have room for self-discovery and surprise yourself.


The takeaways:

  • How are you feeling right now? Ask yourself that question regularly and reply without filtering. You can keep a journal of your emotions.
  • Body sensations: Emotions have different effects in your body and your mood. Pay attention to these changes.
  • Feel without thinking: It is important to allow yourself to think without trying to rationalize the emotions. There will be time to process them later
  • Having the right space: Find a person/group that gives you the right space to open up. It should feel safe, non-judgmental and supported.
  • Meditation: Having a routine that includes meditation creates the conditions for you to learn about yourself.
  • Reduce stress: Research on emotional intelligence shows that decreasing the level of stress will help you stay balanced and focused.

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