I am from Lima, Peru. I left Lima in 2003 to continue my business studies and completed an MBA at UT Austin.

I worked in a number of business related positions for other companies and as an entrepreneur for over 10 years. A major shift began when I started practicing yoga.

It was then that I started to develop a spiritual connection to my body, to others and to the world in which we live.

My yoga studies intensified, and I completed a number of 200-hour teacher trainings. My studies have incorporated meditation, Thai massage, diet and nutrition and Reiki. I have also trained in Life Coaching with Dr. Harold Koning, Phd. and at New York University in the Personal and Life Coaching certification program.

I’m a searcher and extremely curious human being. I love soccer, chocolate and spending time with my family and close friends.


I thank David for showing how important it is to change habits and have a healthy routine without much effort (such as diet). Now I have the healthy life I always dreamed of having.


Finance executive

Coach David has unusual skills that he brings to the coaching session. He is compassionate, sensitive and a true humanist. Through is insightful questions I gained deep understanding and strengh to develop towards my goals. 



My coaching experience helped me to find my own answers and my own way to solve my problems. The coaching process reminded me that I’m not perfect and that I had to accept me and loved me the way I am.


International Business Manager

The program has helped me improve my discipline and self-esteem. I used to have problems with my digestion and thanks to some things I learned in the program now that problem is solved!


Real Estate entrepreneur

Align with Life has been very interesting and productive. It has helped me to connect more with my emotions and be more aware of my body. To look inward and to be aware that life is good and pleasant. I appreciate your effort and dedication. Thank you!